Bambi are a top class British manufacturer supplying the medical and dental professions with their VT and VTS range where oil free dry air is required.

The Bambi Budget and PT Compressor ranges offer economical low cost alternatives. Other specialised ranges include the XT, FS and Compton models.

Bambi PT Oil Free Air Compressor Range – NEW »

Bambi has used their experience in nearly 40 years of manufacturing air compressors to bring you the new PT range of direct drive air compressors. With ultra low noise, from only 54 dB(A) and 100% oil free operation, the PT range delivers a low maintenance solution to ultra-quiet oil free compressed air.

Compressors are available in a choice of receiver and pump formats to ensure that the one chosen is perfectly adapted to the application.
PT has been designed with quality at the forefront – the elegant motor cover is more than just aesthetically pleasing – it provides user protection from the hotter parts of the compressor while ensuring perfect air circulation for optimum performance.

The PT range is deal for:

  • Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Staple Guns
  • Picture Framing
  • Autoclaves
  • Veterinary Dental Carts
  • Drink Dispensing
  • Door Opening
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Anywhere low maintenance oil-free air is required.

Bambi VT Ultra Low Noise Oil Free Range Dental Compressors »

Ultra high performance with ultra-low noise – the Bambi VT range medical and oil free dental compressor. Designed for applications demanding the highest quality air supply with all the benefits of very low noise levels.

The VT range is perfect for critical applications; scientific laboratories, dentistry, pneumatic control systems and any other application requiring ultra clean, air from a low noise compressor.

The benefit of an oil free dental compressor is that the air introduced into the environment is not contaminated protecting the patient from infection and in preparation of the surface of the tooth you can be assured that there is clean surface to adhere to. The clean oil free air prolongs the life of the hand pieces, chair and other expensive equipment. The VT Oil Free Dental Compressors can be fitted with an integral dryer this is denoted by the letter “D” in the model number. This ensures that the air is “Desert Dry”.

The VTS Oil Free Dental models are so quiet when running they can be located within the surgery itself. Its contemporary good looks means it will fit in with any décor or surroundings without causing any intrusion.

Bambi VT Oil Free Dental Compressors meet the latest guidelines for dental air quality HTM2022.

Bambi Oil Free Dental Compressors require minimal maintenance and servicing.

There are many different sizes of Oil Free Dental compressor in the VT range to suit the size of practice up to 8 surgeries can be run from a single compressor

By choosing a Bambi VT compressor you will be investing in a sophisticated Oil Free Dental Compressor manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of quality control

D denotes dryer equipped version. These models require 20 amp single phase power supply.

Bambi VTH Ultra Low Noise Oil Free Range Dental Compressors »

The VTH models are exactly the same as their VT equivalent models but built onto a horizontal receiver rather than a vertical design in order to reduce the height and fit under a table or work bench.

Bambi Budget Range »

The Budget Range has been developed for those users where ultra low noise and relatively small flow of air is required. With sound levels from just 40 dB(A) and almost no vibration when running, Bambi Budget Compressors can be located in the work area without causing any noise intrusion.

Where space is really limited, the “V” designated models have the same specification as the wheel mounted versions but in an ultra compact package.

Standard versions have an 8 bar maximum working pressure, optional higher pressures are available on request.

Designed to require minimal maintenance and to ensure years of trouble free use, our comprehensive range meets the needs of many applications including; air-brushing, exhibition stands, glue dispensing, pneumatic controls, stapling – anywhere where compressed air is needed silently!

Budget Range doesn’t mean budget specification. Each model in the range has the following features as standard:

  • Internally Coated Air Receiver
  • Clearview Oil Level Check
  • Easy to use Oil Filler Plug
  • 10 Micron Outlet Filter & Adjustable Pressure Regulator

And because they’re built by Bambi, quality, ease of use and reliability come as standard on every model. A comprehensive warranty extending to 3 years on the air receiver ensures peace of mind which combined with worldwide after sales care package guarantees you have made the right choice by choosing Bambi.


Bambi MD Medical/Dental Range »


Ultra high performance with ultra low noise – the Bambi MD range. Designed for applications demanding the highest quality air supply with all the benefits of very low noise levels. At the heart of the range is the oil lubricated T75 pump unit developed to deliver 50% more air compared to other silent compressors and the only silent compressor fitted with piston rings eliminating oil carryover to the air supply. Only Bambi offers this unique combination of piston rings and high performance pump which means the MD range is perfect for critical applications; scientific laboratories, dentistry, pneumatic control systems and any other application requiring ultra clean, ultra silent air! With sound levels from just 40dB(A) and almost no vibration when running, Bambi MD Compressors can be located in the work area without causing any noise intrusion. Perfect as a stand alone air centre or for a range of OEM requirements.

The “V” designated models have the same specification as the horizontal versions but in an ultra compact package. All models have an 8 bar maximum working pressure, optional higher pressures are available on request. As you would expect on this high quality, high performance range, the standard specification is very high; air receivers are internally powder coated to prevent corrosion*, internal valves are stainless steel and each model is equipped with a 10 micron air filter & outlet pressure regulator as standard. Models 150/500 & 225/1000 are supplied with easy to fit wheel kits, available as an option for 75/250. Bambi compressors have been designed to maximise efficiency and Regulator ensure years of trouble free operation, which together with our comprehensive warranty extending to 5 years on the air receiver explains why so many are in use worldwide in all types of vital applications.

Bambi VTS Range – Oil Free Silenced »

VTS Range, the perfect compressor for laboratories, food industry, drink dispensing, dental surgeries, medical equipment and all other clean-air critical applications.

There are times when the compressor has to be sited near the point of use and for these installations we have developed the VTS Models which are almost inaudible when running and are perfect when no noise is essential. Not just an acoustic hood but a dedicated silent range.

Engineered from the ground up, with a stunning design that will look great in any location – something that looks this good should have pride of place in your workspace ! Having the same innovative features and technological advances as the standard VT models, this additional range has been developed to deliver the highest quality of compressed air with noise levels from as low as 54 dB(A).

To ensure the highest levels of reliability, we have carefully studied air flow dynamics and incorporated full force through ventilation to keep everything running cool. A thermostatically controlled sensor signals when any of the four cooling fans should run, reducing noise levels to the absolute minimum. An optional integral air dryer and after cooler is available on every model achieving a -400C Dewpoint, delivering the ultimate combination of silence, oil free and dry air in an ultra compact and stylish package.

D denotes dryer equipped version.

Bambi XT Range – Oil Free – 100% Duty Cycle – High Pressure »

Bambi XT oil free compressors offer premium oil free air, 100% of the time.
The first constantly rated offering from Bambi, the XT compressor range utilises S1 motor technology, allowing them to remain onload for prolonged periods if required. The horizontal, low profile piston arrangement keeps the dimensions of the compressor compact while not sacrificing performance. The XT range can run continuously, delivering quality oil free compressed air up to 10 Bar (145 psi) and a dewpoint as low as -20°C. Motor sizes are between 1.8kW and 3.1kW. With or without a dryer membrane.

Every XT oil free compressor has a high quality, AISI 304 stainless steel tank as standard. XT models come with a 5 year or 4000 hours guarantee.

XT compressors are ideal for many applications including:

  • Dental practices
  • Food Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Pneumatic control systems
  • Spray booths
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Nitrogen Generation
  • Micro-Breweries
  • and many others, where clean, dry, oil free compressed air is required

Bambi FS Air Compressors »

Bambi’s range of high performance oil-free compressors for dry pipe sprinkler systems has been specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of LPC requirements, models are available in three formats to suit every application and budget to provide a controlled, economical and quiet supply of ultra clean compressed air.

Our new range of FS compressors is compliant to the LPC technical bulletins and BSEN12845 for LH, OH and HH systems with or without accelerator, including a SoftStart system, discharging the pressure into the pump whenever the power is disconnected, protecting the compressor from overload and thus extending its service life.

Reliability and efficiency are the essential features of these direct drive, oil-free sprinkler system air compressors which require only minimal regular maintenance to ensure reliable peak performance.

Bambi Compton Air Compressors »

‘Compton’ Oil-free Compressors and Vacuum Pumps are supplied worldwide for industrial, scientific and military use.

At the heart of the unit is the unique diaphragm principle, which, coupled with stainless steel valves, guarantees a quality pump ensuring complete oil-tree operation.

In addition to an extensive range of standard compressors and vacuum pumps, Bambi offers a custom build facility which combines individual specifications for pressures, vacuum level and flow rates with any desired inlet and outlet connections, mounting requirements and finishes including environmental protection etc.

Bambi Accessories and Spare Parts »

If you require a spare part for your Bambi compressor. Download the handbook covering the range of compressor, and identify the part number from the particular model. Please contact us for price and availability, or for any service advice

Bambi compressors are clean and reliable. For some applications it is desirable to remove as much oil mist and water vapour as possible. These additional filters will remove all but the most minute trace of oil and dirt in the compressed air system. The Breathing Air Filter has an extra active carbon filter which freshens the air which is recommended for dentists. The end result is air quality far purer than the air we would normally breath.