What is the warranty on your products?

Both Bambi and Hydrovane compressors are guaranteed for a period of 1 year covering faulty components and workmanship. Parts and labour are free of charge. Optional guarantee schemes are available. Bambi VT and VTS series are covered by a 2 year warranty.

The warranty will not cover compressors that have been overheated or used in any way beyond their specification.

We are not liable for any residual costs accrued or loss of production.

The warranty does not cover any call out or travel costs. This is negotiable depending on practicalities and geographical location.

It may be required to return the compressor to the manufacturer to assess. The cost of carriage is not covered under the terms of the warranty.

What does 50% duty cycle mean?

The work cycle of the compressor is that it will pump up to 8 bar (120 psi) and then turn off. When the pressure in the tank has fallen to 6 bar (87 psi) it will turn on again and pump back up to 8 bar. The total running time of the pump should not exceed 50% of the time that you are using the compressor.
Bambi compressors are not built to run continuously. If they are they will overheat and a thermal cut out will turn the unit off until it has cooled down. This is to be avoided as it can damage the compressor.

Hydrovane compressors can run continuously.

How do I choose the right size of compressor?

It is essential that you choose a compressor that will meet your requirements and have a bit in reserve. The most important factor is the volume of air that you will be using and at what pressure. The supplier or manufacturer of your appliance will generally be able to give information.
Feel free to contact our technical staff if you require assistance.

For dentists there is a download for choosing the right compressor: Click here

What is air displacement?

The air displaced by a compressor is measured over a period of 60 seconds at zero psi. When the air is compressed it takes up less volume. To see what the volume of air delivered at different pressures you must download the brochure relevant to the range of compressor. For each model there is a table giving volumes of air per minute in litres per minute for a given pressure. If you want to know what this is in cubic feet per minute or any other factor, see http://www.onlineconversion.com/volume.htm
Please note when sizing a Bambi compressor that the volumes quoted need to be halved to accommodate the 50% duty cycle.

Is maintenance required?

Manuals relating to each of the range of compressors give guidance to the maintenance of the compressor. The operator would be expected to check the oil level and drain the water from the tank periodically. Various services schedules apply depending on the model of compressor.

Is compressed air safe?

Your manual will give guidance to the safe use of your compressor. There are also safety features built into the compressors such as pressure safety relief valves and thermal cut-outs. Only qualified technicians should be allowed to repair and service your compressor.

What is oil carry over?

There will always be a certain amount of oil carry over from the Budget Range compressors. This is made worse when it is running hot. The oil fumes and condenses in the tubing and tools. This can be reduced by running the compressor as cool as possible. Make sure there are no leaks and that the outlet pressure regulator is set as low as possible. It maybe necessary to place a cooling fan near it in hot weather. Make sure that there is plenty of ventilation.
To reduce the oil and condensate a coalescing filter can be used.

Does the compressor come with outlet fittings?

The compressor does not come with outlet fittings, but we will include one if you know what you require. The outlet thread on Bambi compressors is ¼ inch BSP Female. The outlet on Hydrovane compressors HV01 – HV04 is ¾ inch BSP Female.

How can I pay if PayPal will not accept my payment?

We have found that for purchases over £1000.00 PayPal will not always allow the transfer. If you have a problem please contact us and we can send you a pro-forma invoice with our bank details or if you are a company we can run a credit check and open an account for you the same day if acceptable.

What is the latest I can place an order to ensure it is dispatched:

Our cut-off time for dispatch the same day is 12.30. The latest time a compressor can be collected is 16.00