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Hydrovane rotary vane industrial compressors are the ultimate in reliability and performance. They are exceptionally quiet and efficient compared to conventional piston compressors.

The REVS (Reduced Energy Venting System) means that it is very energy efficient.

Try the simulator to see how the system works (link to hydrovane REVS simulator)

Our “Buy-Online” compressors cover the smallest and most popular models. We are able to supply any Hydrovane  compressor at a very competitive price. Please ask for a quotation.

We are members of the Carbon Trust and can help you achieve an interest free loan to replace your old compressor with a Hydrovane. We can monitor your compressor’s energy usage over a one week period and compare this to an equivalent Hydrovane unit. In many cases the savings are so large that the new compressor pays for itself in a very short time.

We are able to offer a full service contract and Hydrovane’s 10 Year Advance Warranty.